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Hello, Welcome to my page! I do create lovely glamour pictures.

If you want me to help you purchase any of these lovely dresses listed below, Please contact me.

Would you like to start a fashion business and need some coaching or assistance with purchasing these outfits below. I would love to be at your service.

Please contact me if you need lovely picture of me in a canvas/ photo list

Email – consulten@yahoo.com

More Photos – Here

More Photos 2 – Here


Disclaimer – All the pictures and videos on this site are mine. I do have the right to publish them Please do not use this pictures for any other purposes. I made some of these pictures my self and some amateur and professional photographers shoot with me too. I had a signed agreement and verbal agreement with all the photographers that has worked with me to use these pictures . These pictures are made solely for your entertainment! Please kindly visit and browse my entire pictures if you are 18+ . Thank you for your coperation.


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