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My short story book

Diana, the top European model

Diana is a top European model, whom loves modelling. Modelling has been her greatest passion. when Diana was sixteen years, she got discovered and her first modelling gig was to contest in a beauty pageant.

Diana loves modelling with very pretty tight dresses, lovely lingeries and very pretty long hair. Diana wears very lovely makeup for her shoots and wears also very expensive perfumes from brands such as channel, Dior, Gucci and so on. Being a photomodel gave her greatest joy! She had met several photographers from Europe and Africa.

Diana met a very handsome American man in Ghana. Diana is a young lady born and breed in Accra, Ghana. Shortly after Diana’s 16th year birthday, Diana met an American man called David in Sheraton hotel Ghana. David was the director of Chevron Ghana. David immediately married Diana in Accra and brought her to Texas in United States of America, after her wedding with David, David gave Diana a lovely shop in Texas as a present, David invested over one million dollar in the beautiful hair shop he gave to Diana in Houston Texas.

After five years of David and Diana living in Houston Texas, both had three beautiful kids, two boys and one girl. Diana and David decided to relocate to live in Groningen in The Netherlands. Diana decided to start with her education, so she registered in a university in Groningen and started her bachelor degree in marketing. She combined motherhood, modelling and studying. It was not easy for Diana, but David was a very loving and caring husband. He stood by Diana through out her modelling and university studies in The Netherlands. David was a very adorable and doting husband.

David would rush down to home before Diana would finish from her job as a carer, prepare very delicious meal for Diana, whenever David can not prepare very delicious meals for Diana, David would take Diana out to a very nice romantic Chinese restaurant. David and Diana loved each other very very much.

David also had two other best friends called Daniel and Donald. both men are from The Netherlands. Donald live in Rotterdam while Daniel lived in Amsterdam, the three male friends love to hang out from time to time. Some time Donald and David hangs out at the boat club in Accra, smoke some big cigarettes together. Sometimes David and Daniel hangs out in Texas in America for vacation. These three friends were best of friends for more than a decade and always had love for each other. These three American men loves beautiful young African girl’s so three of them married Ghanaian girls. Donald married Joy whom gave birth to a baby girl for him while Daniel married Ellen , both couple are very happily married and loves each other very much.

David would travel with Diana by car or by plane for her photoshoot to Spain, Munchin, India, London, Paris, London, Scotland, Japan, China, Modena, Milan, Maldive, and other European and asian countries. Diana was a top model! Aside from being a great daddy, David was a very loving and caring husband, he took care of Diana properly during her three pregnancy, he bought her food, drinks, maternity cloths, gave a million dollar worth of hair salon in Texas and in Groningen in The Netherlands.

Diana became pregnant for David, Diana was pregnant for their third child. David wanted to show Diana how much he loved her, David decided to plan a very romantic date for his wife. The next day David and Diana got dressed up! Diana wore her favourite Dior shoes, Chloe handbag, Arma jeans and met dress. She looked so beautiful! David said to her, my beautiful wife, you look so amazing, dashing, adorable and mesmerising, he held her close to his heart, gave her a wet sweet kiss! He gave Diana that reassuring smile, he said to her , baby, everything is going to be alright, don’t worry, you are a strong woman, no matter what, I am going to stand by your side!

They arrived at the doctor’s office in the next morning, The name of the doctor is Mr. Ike in Groningen, Mr Ike has been the doctor of David for very long time, before David even married Diana, Dr. Ike has has always been there for David, he has been treating David, they are very close, and has been childhood friends.

The young sexy bank Lady!

Once upon a time! Deborah Chika started her new job at Bentley Bank in Newyork. Deborah Chika is a young lady with very pretty long legs, long hair, flat Tummy and a very nice bosom. Immediately Deborah walked into the office of the hiring officer Mr. Joseph Ashley , she was immediately hired. She had the prettiest smile, Mr. Joseph said to Deborah, you are welcome to Bently bank, Deborah smiled and said thank you. Mr Joseph told Deborah, one of the hiring procedure of our bank is that, you shall write an aptitude test. Halle wrote the aptitude test and passed.

Debo was very happy to have earned the job. She immediately went home and told her girlfriend Rose. Rose, I have earned a job . I am the new bank manager of Benty Bank. Rose  said congratulations  to Halle.  

Deep down , Rose was not happy. She also wanted to earn a job as a bank manager,  buy lovely perfumes from brands such dior, channel and Hugo boss, wear nice clothes from brands such as Hugo boss, Prada, Gucci and more, make new friends and have a very pretty cars. So Rose said, I must stop this , I have to make sure she loses the position of a bank manager. I have to be the bank manager of bentley bank. 

Rose and Debo have been childhood  friends for over two decades, they both attended the same primary school and secondary school. Debo  was more attractive  than Rose. Debo has the perfect shape, perfect dentition,perfect legs, perfect bosom,very pretty soft lips  and all the things a man likes in a woman, a nice smile, characters , humor and Charisma.

 Debo was supposed to start work the following week. Rose got all the necessary information she needed from Debo in regards  to her new job, address and so on.

The next morning , Rose went to Tina, her neighbour. She said to Tina , Halle has just gotten a new job, let’s find a way to make sure she does not acquire that position. As a matter of fact, I actually want the position myself. 

Tina said to Rose, well we have to come up with a plan. Tina told Rose, well, you have to apply for the same job position, Rose said no to Tina,I can not do that, Debo is going to find out I applied if I get the job eventually. moreover, in order to get a job in a bank, I need to have a very pretty leg, nice bosom, beautiful face and of course a nice decent height. She was just an average five feet tall lady and not so extrovert so she decided to go for plan b. She told herself, I am going to sleep over it and come up with a plan.

Tina said, yes,  you are right.  Well, I have got another plan. I am going to ask Doris, my younger sister who lives in Miami to apply for the same  job, at least Halle does not know her. Doris is a very beautiful young lady in her early twenties,  two feet tall, pretty long legs with an incredibly pretty face. I am sure if she goes and applies for the job, wearing a very nice tiny piece of suit with short skirt, she would earn the job.

Eventually Tina invited her sister who lives in Miami to Newyork, she applied for the job, she used her very pretty seductive body to seduce the employer and she got the job. The following week, when Tina went to resume work, she was  asked to go home, she asked why, she was told the position had been filled up. Tina took her new job very seriously. She would resume work very early. Sometimes she would sleep at the office so that she would be able to start work as early as possible.

Debo was quite sad she did not earn the job, so she kept applying for other jobs she could lay her hands on, finally she earned a job at ExxonMobil. She was offered four times the salary benty bank proposed to offer her. Wow, Halle joy knew no bounds. She was so thrilled. The next week, she went shopping, she went to Newyork shopping street and did a shopping  spree, she bought five chanel handbags, ten dior shoes, very pretty lipsticks, nice pair of trousers from the brand Celine, winter jacket from the brand Michael kors, some nice pair of jeans,  blazers and more.

Debo took her new job very seriously. She was the project manager for an offshore rig construction in Abu Dhabi.

She was working online, offline, onshore and offshore too. She also coached several expatriates from China, Holland with English language tutoring. Rose lived in the estate with some expatriates from India, China, France,  and from Germany. During the weekend, Rose would visit her expatriate friends, cook for them, keep them company for hours daily, sometimes they would go to restaurants, disco night clubs, jetty bars,  shopping sprees in Newyork and so on. 

One day, Debo ran into her classmates, in the train, they both went to the University of california together, his name is Peter, a very nice young vibrant young man in his early thirties. Peter is an electrical engineer who owns an oil company called punk oil and gas. He has been self employed for many years and very successful at that. Peter helped Debo to secure an accommodation in one of the most beautiful housing complexes, bought her a bugatti and lamborghini car, bought over three houses in Newyork within the three weeks space of time they were dating. Peter and Debo were car hunting for three days before they decided to buy the bugatti and Lamborghini car.

They went from one car garage to another, tested so many cars and finally Debo chose two beautiful cars from the last workshop they visited. Peter helped Debo to fix her home, the lamps, the paints in the house, the floor, her furniture and more. Peter was very happy to help Debo (Debo is the abbreviation of Deborah . Peter and Debo lived in the house after all the necessary renovations. Peter and Debo loved each other very much, they both slept in each other’s arms everyday, within a very short space of time, Peter and Debo had three lovely children. One of the wonderful quality Debo loved so much about Peter is that, Peter is a wonderful cook, sometimes, Peter would leave his duties as the manager of Punk oil and gas, would rush back home to cook some very delicious meal for Debo, Debo would just sit back and relax in the living room, watching television while Peter prepared several delicacies for Debo.

Later that evening after both love birds has finished shopping for cars  spent over a week searching online and the beautiful fancy streets of New York, they decided to celebrate their newly bought babies, that is their cars. Peter called manhattan hotel Newyork reserved for an Indian cuisine, Peter decided to invite gabriel and his wife Patricia over for the nice dinner date in manhattan Hotel, they took a three course meal. Patricia and Rose are very close friends  both ladies used to work for a great real estate company in Florida, they both ride together in the car going and coming back to the real estate company, both ladies were very close and very  fund of each other.

After dinner, Peter and Debo decided to rent a hotel room in Manhattan hotel Newyork. Debo really loved the idea, she was so fond of Peter and enjoyed every little gesture he had towards her. For example, during her most recent birth, Peter bought Halle three samsonite boxes filled with shoes, clothes , makeup , perfumes, very high heeled shoes ( over twenty pairs in several colours, such as pink, blue, while, red, green) and lovely lingerie. Peter really loves Debo so much,whenever Halle is wearing her makeup in her bedroom or in the toilet, Peter would be staring at her with so much love and attention, he would always tell Halle how beautiful she was and Halle never failed to reward Peter with a dashing smile. Peter loves it so much when Debo dresses up like a doll for him, Debo sometimes would spend six hours to dress up, two hours for makeup, two hours to dress her hair up as a doll and few hours to select sexy outfits . When ever Debo dresses up so nice, Peter would take her for a nice outing in Newyork, most times, they went to several night clubs in Newyork, and dance the night away. both lovers were so deeply in love with each other. During the evening or late night outings,  both love birds slept in top notch hotels in Newyork.

Peter and Debo decided to visit Europe for the very first time. Peter and Halle have lived in America for so many years, visited almost all the cities in the United States of America such as Florida, Philadelphia, Newyork, Texas, Colorado, Boston,Pennsylvania, California, just name it. So they decided to visit Scotland, Edinburgh to be precise, because the younger sister to Debo lives in Edinburgh with her family. Peter and Debo decided to visit Edinburgh in Scotland as a lovely gift to each other for the upcoming Christmas present. Peter and Debo and their kids usually celebrate Christmas with their kids at their home. Europe would be a lovely change, Peter,  and their three kids were so happy when they arrived in Scotland. They decided to stay at the Sheraton hotel in Edinburgh Scotland. Peter flew with their nanny, his wife and three kids from New York to Scotland. 

Their nanny Nancy is a young Chinese lady, very quiet, speaks basic English language, has a slender body and is well behaved. The nanny and the three kids of Peter stayed in a separate room while Peter and his wife stayed in the same room. Halle frequented the room very often. 

On Christmas Eve, the entire family went to different fun places at the hay market together, went for a bus tour, and visited various awesome  restaurants in Edinburgh. The entire family was so happy.

After Christmas, Peter and his family flew back to The United state of America, Debo earns a lot of money because she works with Exxonmobil, but Peter insisted on covering their trip. Peter spent over five thousand dollars for the flight tickets to and fro to Newyork and spent over five thousand dollars shopping for his lovely family. He bought his wife and three kids nice dresses, some perfumes, necklaces and more.

Peter and his family arrived at their home New York, went into their bedroom together, after some basic night time routine, Debo changed into a very skimpy nightwear, went to the stereo ,put up a nice music of Celine dion, started singing in a low tone, cos I am your lady, you are my man, slowly cropped into the bed and held Peter so tight he looked deep into Peter’s eyes and said, baby, I love you so much, I feel so happy to be your wife and I am very happy to be the mother of your three children. But I wish to ask you for a favour, Peter said, what, please go ahead, Halle smiled and said, Peter, since eight years we have been married, I have never had the chance to do anything at all by myself, we literally do everything together, use the toilet almost at the same time, brush our teeth the same time, take our shower together everyday, work almost everyday, I love our routine do not get me wrong she said, but I do need a me time, as a matter of fact, I do want to travel to Paris alone,  do some shopping, go skiing, start a computer lesson, I do want to learn how to build websites, webshops and so on and find a decent school online in Paris whereby I can learn some new skills, do some paintings and off course start writing again. 

Peter said no way, Debo, I love you so much, You are a beautiful lady,  I can not afford to lose you, I want to eat, drink, sleep with you every single day, I want to wake up next to you every morning, I want to hold you tight everyday in my arms. I just can not afford to be without you baby. I am so used to you, I fall asleep everyday in your arms, sleeping again without you at night would not be easy for me. Halle tried to convince Peter but to no avail, she decided to start a phd degree programme at University of California. Peter agreed, she started her phd programme in microbiology, at the university of california, she went to school from New York to California by public transport.

Debo and Peter have been together for almost twenty years now, Debo has told Peter she really wants them to spice things up in the bedroom, bring in more fun, perhaps try new ideas in regards to love language, Halle’s dress sense, body language, speech and scent for Peter. Peter brought up and idea, he said why don’t we find a nice couple, a boyfriend and girlfriend, who are very young, trendy and vibrant who would guide us on how to spice things up in the bedroom, Halle said, I totally agree with you. So David went online, he went to an European dating site in Amsterdam, saw a nice young student couple there, flew them into New York and had them teach him and Debo some bedroom fun lessons. The young couples works with an international bank in Amsterdam, the lady’s name is Joan, she is a nice young dark skin lady, with nice bosom, long legs, pretty lips and cute smile, the young man was about five feet tall, chocolate skin, very handsome and brilliant, both young couples were studying banking and finance at the university in Amsterdam.

After six months of intensive lessons, Peter and Debo were professionals, their bedroom life improved and both couples were very happy. David covered all the expenses in terms of travel cost of the two young couples whom he flew from Europe to Newyork for some intensive coaching. After six monthes of intensive coaching, both couples perfected their bedroom act.  

The moral of this short story is that we should always value true love! Love is a beautiful thing. Please do stand by your loved ones no matter their circumstances, everyone needs the best love, support and care ever they can get never neglect or criticise anyone with uniform of inabilities or impairment because some were caused by accident they never wished for or were born with it, he or she never asked God to create them the way they are!

The Very Romantic Man

Mr Carl is a very romantic man. Mr Carl is married to Bellarina. Bellarina is a young beautiful canadese lady. Bellarina is a travel blogger, She loves making lovely pictures of beautiful cities worldwide.

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